YouTube decides what the world is watching.

But no one knows how it does that.
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We provide transparency on YouTube's algorithms

In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence controls what the world is watching. It promises to bring you uniquely relevant information and entertainment.

The real objective of the algorithm, however, is to maximize watch time. This leads it to favor sensationalist content and clickbait. At scale, the world has seen this algorithmic bias amplify disinformation, polarize the public debate, and promote harmful content.

AlgoTransparency's mission is to expose the impact of the most influential algorithms.

Our initial focus is on YouTube, which recommends 700,000,000 hours of watch time every day.

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If you see a concerning recommendation made to you by YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook groups, or Google’s search autocomplete, share it on Twitter and tag @aiTransparency to start a conversation.

You can also report inappropriate YouTube recommendations with the
Mozilla Regrets Reporter.

If you would like to anonymously contribute your YouTube data to help researchers better understand ads and recommendations, we recommend that you install the extension by Tracking Exposed.